Joyce Sheehy

Dear Mr. Michael Giunta,

On behalf of the Mayor's Youth Commission,  I would like to thank you for your generous donation. Every child walked away with a smile on their face when they saw Santa Claus and received their gifts of toys, a stocking full of coloring books, a fire hat of fresh fruit, a goodie bag of assorted items, a wonderful buffet dinner and they topped it off with cupcakes and making their own ice cream sundaes. There were dances and singers there for the children and their family. A good time was had by all.

These things could not have taken place with out your help and for this reason my heart goes out to your Company for your generous donation of steamed vegetables and ziti.

Your efforts will not be forgotten. Its people like you who make what the Holiday Seasons are all about, warmth, love, and giving in this joyous time of year.

May you and your Company have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year and to all of your families.

Client name
Joyce Sheehy

Client department
President, Mayors Youth Commission, Linden

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